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We are breaking the industry standard of sponsorship and offering you the opportunity of privately funding the show through our

SPECIAL FORCES Team Membership Package. The package includes some exciting opportunities and great savings, but we won't bore you with reading all the details. Call or email us today and we will give you all the details and cost.

Thank you to all of our Special Forces members and please contact us if you are interested in getting some more information on joining the team! Contact us at (309) 369-5614 or via email.



Butch and Dawn Francisco.  

Live in Delaware. 

Butch and Dawn are two amazing individuals who have shown us all love and support and we are so appreciative of everything they do fr us and have done for us over the past years. We first met in Harrisburg and well, the rest is still unfolding.


James Helton. 

Lives in Maryland.

James is our in-house security - he has a few years experience in the field so we capitalized on that. James has been in the family many years and you may have already seen his mug on a few of the shows... Bear hunting in Maine - Season 1.


Cathy & Stan 

From Midwest Mailing Service.


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